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Magic Cooling Was rated ”Anhui Trustworthy enterprises in 2020”

Magic Cooling Was rated ”Anhui Trustworthy enterprises in 2020”

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First of all, Congratulations to Magic Cooling for the honor of “Anhui Trustworthy enterprises in 2020”,And be reported in the Anhui Business News.


Recently,2020 “Anhui Trustworthy enterprises” was carried out by Anhui Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce Business Guide, Anhui Economic News Network and related department, it shows several enterprises with outstanding achievements in quality, measurement, certification and standardization management in the process of quality investigation After selection and recommendation, Magic Cooling was rated “Anhui Trustworthy enterprises in 2020”.


Brand is an important symbol of quality, service and reputation, strong brand reputation can create a positive spirit and a good cultural atmosphere in the enterprise, creating intangible spiritual and cultural wealth for the development of an enterprise, and is the soul of the enterprise's survival, competition and development.